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In 2016, the rally attracted over one thousand copper-headed Aussies and the event organisers are expecting a signficantly bigger turnout this year.

Here's the spiel from the website: Assemble your ginger and redhead #squad to celebrate our super powers, unique fiery manes, enviable moontan complexions and unbreakable spirit with a ginger rally starting in Federation Square, marching to celebrate uniqueness and diversity in the community.

Since we do things differently and more exclusively, it’s no surprise that our events sell out weeks in advance. We research and look into venues that are going to provide a calm, relaxing and personal atmosphere.

We want you to be comfortable with our nights, so our events are held in venues that are not open to the public so you can connect in peace.


Speed Dating is growing at a rapid rate, not just here in our hometown of Adelaide but all around the world.

You get to "speed date" 15 similarly aged singles over the course of a couple hours in a relaxed, friendly environment. Once you have been Speed Dating you will definitely understand why this exciting form of dating is so popular.

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Once considered a sign of beauty, virility and even rulership, the trait has since become an object of bullying and ridicule - and the "rangas" have had enough.

Nerves and tension can ruin any date and we eliminate those feelings.

Our nights are relaxed, chilled and give you a platform to be yourself.

If it gets sent to spam, move it to your inbox to receive our future invites. We understand there is a sense of nervousness and tension when it comes to speed dating.

We Click is all about bringing back the traditional and fresh feeling to connecting with someone special. There is no need to worry about that when you come to our Melbourne speed dating sessions.

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    Our services are strictly for persons 18 or more years old.

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