In a commentary on Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Clay said the new voice is Zorak's real voice. Zorak comes from the planet Dokar, as mentioned in the original 60s Space Ghost series.

He left his home planet along with a whole troop of henchmen, headed for galactic conquest until he was caught by Space Ghost and put in the Omegan Prison.

Also, this post heaps loads of praise on be INSPORT.

The author is in no way affiliated with be INSPORT, and has not received any sort of compensation for this post.

(Moto GP may be regarded as the top tier of motorcycle racing in the world, but in my opinion, WSBK has offered a far better racing spectacle for fans in the past few years.) You read that correctly. And yes, I know — if you have a DVR, commercials are less annoying than they are if you watch live.

S.) fan, you probably already know about be INSPORT. We ended up having to change subscription plans with our satellite provider to get it. (I’m wondering if I shouldn’t start watching football, seriously. Note: I actually can’t recall them doing this with WSBK — they probably didn’t think it was important enough to mess with, or something. No more endless commercials for Royal Purple and Pep Boys and sexy chat lines because SPEED decided to air WSBK coverage overnight, four days after the actual race.

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