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And as with all beginnings, it’s also an ending: the ending of a year as well as the ending of this little experiment.

And we can only hope it will also be the end of dubstep as a cultural phenomenon.

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As best I can remember, my sexily social soul mate, I’ve always liked being alone.

It doesn’t frustrate me or depress me; it invigorates me.

I know I’ve hurt a lot of wonderful people along the way… But I suppose things even themselves out as I’ve been hurt and mislead a number of times as well. But here’s were I divert…I find that most of my single Christian friends get really scared about dating.

At the end of it all, I don’t blame it ALL on Joshua Harris – perhaps the pressure goes deeper, to the churches seemingly unattainable standard of holiness. Freaked out to “put themselves out there,” afraid to make a mistake, and generally just wanting to find “the one.” My non-Christian friends, however, aren’t as afraid.

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I’ve thought about a lot of things over the last few months, among them the topic of aloneness.

Even as I contemplate the notion of having a sweet little something-or-other to call my very own, I realize that such a development would entail sacrificing many of these precious and sacred retreats from the deafening drone of the outside world.

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