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The local drink is cashew feni, which is very hardcore moonshine- beware!

The local bread is pao, which is delivered to each home by bicycle!

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I enjoy an easy going life, filled with working part time, playing with some sweet dogs, playing video games and making art.

In the future, I hope to give you great advice about South Goa, but as I live and spent more time up north, I’m going to stick to this part of Goa. I suggest booking all the way through on Kiwi as they also search budget airlines in India and you won’t have to pay for extra luggage. There is a risk for malaria and a small risk for dengue. Goa is more expensive that most of India and hospitals can be very expensive if you crash your scooter or whatever may happen. Personally, the food isn’t my favorite, but the scene is pretty cool. Unlike the rest of India, you’ll be substituting chai for sweet lime soda, typical snacks for lime drizzled corn on the cob, and picking up street snacks like Isreali inspired shwarmas, Goan samosas (little less spice I think), and Goan sausages (great on pizza).

There are fabulous hospitals and many come to Goa for medical tourism to get plastic surgery or dental work on the cheap. Tipping is expected to hotels, services like massage and hair, and nicer restaurants, but not to drivers and other basics. I also didn’t mention a cute little place in Assagao called Vinayak which you’ll pass on the way to Villa Blanche. The inexpensive local dish is any fish curry rice or chicken xacuti, which is a coconut curry. Also yummy and Goan is cafreal, vindaloo, sorpotel eith fermented rice cakes and chouris.

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