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Sometimes your face really does say it all - and that's certainly true for these hilarious pets.Dog and cat owners have captured the moment their pets experienced things for the first time and the results will make you laugh out loud." A sidesplitting, bellyaching, knee-slapping smörgåsbord of funny clips flooded in, and a few revelations followed. Other videos featured a David Blaine impersonator, a Lil Jon-Nick Jr.mashup, little boys with big dance moves and the most ninja-like cat the Internet has ever seen. Think there's a You Tube classic that Reddit users forgot to mention? It's not just small kittens and puppies who get scared, fully-grown dogs can find things frightening, too.

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It is based on the Tokyo Broadcasting System program Fun TV with Kato-chan and Ken-chan, which featured a segment in which viewers were invited to send in video clips from their home movies; ABC, which owns half of the program, pays a royalty fee to the Tokyo Broadcasting System for the use of the format (although the original parent show left the air in 1992).Free funny electronic greeting cards for you to send to your friends. Ll love these hilarious sayings and quotations so much that you want to come again and again. Are you looking to make people laugh without even trying. Perhaps the category that started the whole industry. They help us remember the years past and hope for a bright future. And sure I include seasonal christmas jokes and april fools.Reddit has made a habit of lampooning befuddled cats, bizarre musical remixes and stunts gone wrong.

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