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i might actually like the song if she put something about that it wasn't all shaun's fault (which it wasn't) in there.but, she didn't, and i can't really do anything so whatev :)Dmonheart, Not telling XD, VA You do realise that lots of artists do that it's there way to vent and let those emotions out and really come on saying she imature because she wrote a song about her ex that might not be actually how it happen. I don't care if you guys don't like what I'm about to say, but I'm going state my honest opinion.I can’t wait for it to come out.” Amy also spoke about the specific moments she’s looking forward to on Evanescence’s upcoming string of dates.

At least Shaun was the better person to not respond and comeback with a song to insult her... I think its amazing that she says shes grown up and shes a stronger person even though she does something immature like exposing peronal buisness with the whole world to make Shaun/Seether seem horrible when they're actually not. At any rate I like the song but it does annoy me when a song changes style in the middle and back again.

Amanda-I agree 100% :) i agree that songs are a way to vent (i do it too)...

most of my favorite songs are results of artists venting.

One of them is ‘The Change.’ It’s not our most famous song by any means, it wasn’t even a single and it’s just one of my favorite songs we’ve done as a band and there’s just something about the way I can just release my mind singing it.

There’s no lyrics in the bulk of the chorus, I love it; it just makes me feel so inside the music.” Check out part of our exclusive interview with Amy Lee above!

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