Elite dating skills greg dean

Master Chef presenter Gregg Wallace has fallen for a woman 17 years younger - after they met on social networking site Twitter.

The 44-year-old former greengrocer is now dating 27-year-old biology teacher Heidi Brown, who is quitting her job to move in with him next month.

The bald and bespectacled food writer, who describes himself as ‘the cooking woman’s crumpet’, claimed fame has helped him get girlfriends as young as 21.

Television is very, very good for your love life,’ he told Closer magazine. I’m seeing one who’s 29, but they have been as young as 21.

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FLY THE OODA LOOP: Creators continuously update their assumptions.The pair first met on Twitter, when Heidi began following the TV host's updates.She left a flirtatious message asking if he knew he had been labelled a 'weird crush' in a magazine - and he replied: 'Ever visit London?So I pre-ordered the book, and when it came out, went through it like lightning through tofu, devouring it in 1.5 sittings.For my brain, this book is pure crack: stories of risk-taking, hard-working, talented entrepreneurs and their ventures.

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