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The film grossed more than 0 million domestically (over 0 million internationally).For the latter, he won the Golden Globe Award for Best Director and the BAFTA Award for Best Direction.Gibson also has been found in a domestic violence controversy, having pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor involving his former girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva. tormented geniuses and shakespeare-quoting villains with attitude, no one beats Gary Oldman. Since then, the mercurial actor has put his stamp on a wildly mixed bag of roles, from gay playwright Joe Orton to Beethoven, Dracula, Lee Harvey Oswald, painter Julian Schnabel and the Rev. I find “Star Wars” quite violent, to be honest with you. I’m not the best audience for that because I’m not a great science-fiction fan. The first film I ever saw at the cinema was “A Hard Day’s Night.” My sister took me. I was more into the music and where that put me in my head, in my imagination, in my fantasy, as opposed to getting off on someone else’s. I got obsessed with classical music, I got obsessed with Chopin, with playing the piano. Dimmesdale, who sins with Demi Moore in “The Scarlet Letter.”Interviewed during a break in shooting “Lost in Space,” Oldman, sporting a buzz-cut and sparse goatee that made him look like a brown-haired Van Gogh, was a study in restraint and dry wit. I’ve played many weird, sick and twisted characters so it’s nice to play a weird, sick and twisted character my kid can see. It’s been interesting watching it with him this second time around. I thought he was very clever with it, using the Force. I just never got off on space ships and space costumes, things like that.

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According to the documentation, Oldman and Edenborough fell out of love over "irreconcilable differences." Edenborough is also asking for spousal support and attorney's fees from her former husband. Oldman later married Donya Fiorentino in 1997, but the two parted ways in 2001.The couple now splits time between a house in the Hollywood hills and a flat in London. I had a guitar when I was 6 or 7, a plastic guitar with the Beatles’ faces on it. I found one of those Liberace records in the attic somewhere, Liberace plays classics. I suddenly switched from contemporary music to classical music. I sometimes feel that I would do things and I was in a way acting them, more than actually doing them, like I was acting playing the piano. Oldman started his career at London’s experimental Royal Court Theatre and first grabbed cinematic attention as punk rocker Sid Vicious. I felt it outlived its sell-by date with the second and third in the series. But I started to get irritated by that plastic, rubbery-looking puppet Yoda. If one could have a wish, or an alternative life, I would’ve liked to have been John Lennon. I get obsessions, so I kind of got obsessed with it. I suddenly got obsessive about boxing and Muhammad Ali around the time he was fighting Joe Frazier. Quelle est la couleur des yeux de Donya Fiorentino? Quelle est la couleur naturelle des cheveux de Donya Fiorentino? In a scary twist of events, it turns out that Gary Oldman and Mel Gibson are similar in more ways than one!

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