Dating site that accept maestro card

However it can sometimes take a few days for the funds to be debited from your account.

Not only must the information stored in either the chip or the magnetic stripe be read, this has to be sent from the merchant to the issuing bank, the issuing bank then has to respond with an affirmative authorization.

OK, so I trawled the search funtion and also trawled the Finance section, but it was mostly 'where do I put my vast sums of cash or stop the taxman taking it'-type threads.

Using a Swiss debit card (UBS in this case), just how do you go about paying online for websites like Amazon or flea Bay?

Maestro, la carte à autorisation systématique, pour des dépenses maitrisées dans le monde entier.

ASSISTANCE DE LA CARTE MAESTRO La carte Maestro** est dotée de prestations d’assistance* pour répondre aux situations d’urgence en France et à l’étranger.

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