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Suddenly, Freddie Mercury's face just kind of staring at me, telling me, "Don't do this".''It was a challenge.... 'You're going to play Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody?

King and Corey Smith had been dating for five months when they took a trip to Central America, in February, 2012.

And Rami Malek told Stephen Colbert he felt the late star tell him not to f*** it up.Michael Wishart, the artist and one of her closest friends, recalled that, "The Gargoyle had been Pauline's nursery".In this eyrie high above Meard St, decorated with huge mirrors and murals by Matisse, Rumbold, "as beautiful as it is possible to be, was young enough to dance alone, in an irresistible scarlet dress, her blonde tresses flying," wrote Wishart.Rami revealed that he felt Freddie's presence when he made his way into the famous Abbey Road Studios in London and was faced with photos of 'every band' he's a fan of decorating the iconic walls.'I'm running across the street where I look back and I see it's that iconic crosswalk that the Beatles have the album cover for Abbey Road on and instantly I'm like, "What the hell is happening to me right now? Recently, the band's guitarist Brian teased that the biopic - which tell the story of the legendary band and their late great frontman Freddie Mercury - is almost finished, after being in development for eight years, and will be released in 2018. sooner than you might think, next year.'In addition he hinted that Queen could be set to rock the UK again after completing their North America tour with Adam Lambert - who provides vocals in place of Freddie who tragically died in 1991 at the age of 45 due to complications caused by AIDS."'I run across there, meeting's on the fourth floor and around the third floor I'm passing all these photos of The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and every band that you love. "'The Night At The Museum star admitted that he first met Queen members Roger Taylor and Brian May before they had watched the tape in which he performed their hit singles in the style of Freddie Mercury, and had an awkward moment as he had to watch them watch his performance. Brian added: 'We will be in America most of the summer and then probably be back around these parts at the end of the year.' Sacha Baron Cohen was originally set to play Freddie but he left the project due to 'artistic differences' over the direction of the movie.

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